Jodi List

A while ago a made a post about bucket list. It was inspired by seeing Jodi on Ellen. Jodi passed away this past Saturday.

Dear Jodi, I never knew you. I watched you on the Ellen show. Thank you for your life. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I am grateful for your family and your fun list. You inspired me to make my own. I love you. My God bless your family. Love, Nicole


Wear Sunscreen


I was recently asked if there was one song that summed up my outlook on life what would it be.  The answer came to me quickly and it was a song that I actually had not listened to in years.  Hands by Jewel.  This song says it all.  There was a time in my life when I framed the lyrics and hung them in my room.

So this is it.  This is my outlook on life.

frolics and follies

frolics and follies.  this is my sister’s blog.  I love it.  She recently posted about my Grandmother.  I echo everything she said.  She put beautifully into words what I have been thinking.  love you sis!



In LOVE with is blog.  Check it out if you love some style!


What is on your Bucket List???

I feel like life runs in themes.  Well, at least mine does.  We learn line upon line and precept upon precept.  God knows I can only get one thing through my brain at a time.  Right now the undercurrent of my life seems to be that it is short.  I need to decide who I want to be and be it.  Know what I want to do and do it.  Life belongs to me and I should live it.  Recently I watched this clip from the Ellen show.  This woman is dying of cancer so her and her family made a “fun list” to direct their time together. To make it valuable.

A few years ago a friend introduced me to the Day Zero is a place to record your goals, discover new
challenges, and gain motivation to achieve them. What you do is build a list of 101 things you want to do – then track
your progress over the next 1001 days. It is a really neat site.  I have not looked at mine in over a year.  I have 386 days left and have only completed 19% of my goals.  Some of the goals I have completed include visiting the Grand Canyon, sleeping under the stars, leaving a note inside a book for someone and planting a garden.  Some goals I have yet to complete include going skydiving, getting a passport, going on vacation with just my dad and falling in love.  Right now my list only includes 74 things.  In order to seek inspiration for my making my list reach 101 goals I watched the movie The Bucket List.  If you have not seen it you should.  It is amazing and leaves you feeling good and excited about life.  Maybe after you watch it you will feel inspired to head over to and make a bucket list of your own.  And if you have any ideas of goals that I can add to my bucket list please PLEASE share.  Love, Nicole

Hiking a Glacier. Goal Complete!

21 February 2012

Learning about Grandma Eva

Fun at the Butterfly Pavilion

Happy Graduation Day Grandma!  Love you!


I cannot wait to see this.  It comes out in 2013!  It is going to be amazing.  I have watched this 7 minute trailer almost a dozen times now.