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Saving Fall 2012 Part 1


Saving Fall 2011 Recap

Last year, my friend Andrew and I, we saved Fall. Yep. That was us. You are welcome.

Parents Say the Darndest Things….

Dad: For a small town there is not a lot of junk.

Mom: If you want a sandwich I have some black beans.

Dad: Do you want the last slice of Bologna?
Me: Do what?????

Me: Dad, I don’t think Bologna is healthy for you.
Mom: Why? It is 98% fat free.

Staring at the fork in the river.
Me: I think it was Pocahontas who asked, “Should I choose the smoothest course, steady as a beating drum?”
Mom: She didn’t really say that. It was only in the movie.

Referring to dad cracking jokes all night.
Mom: Can you imagine how terrible it would be if I thought the same stupid things you did?
Dad: I wouldn’t be the only dumb Dick.
Mom: There would be two dumb Dicks.

Mom: Babette likes the wacky weed.

Mom: You need to use a breakfast bowl. We have breakfast bowls and breakfast plates and bright colored place mats. It’s what we use for breakfast.

In Love

I need a man like this.

Jodi List

A while ago a made a post about bucket list. It was inspired by seeing Jodi on Ellen. Jodi passed away this past Saturday.

Dear Jodi, I never knew you. I watched you on the Ellen show. Thank you for your life. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I am grateful for your family and your fun list. You inspired me to make my own. I love you. My God bless your family. Love, Nicole

frolics and follies

frolics and follies.  this is my sister’s blog.  I love it.  She recently posted about my Grandmother.  I echo everything she said.  She put beautifully into words what I have been thinking.  love you sis!

21 February 2012

Learning about Grandma Eva

Fun at the Butterfly Pavilion

Happy Graduation Day Grandma!  Love you!

She Will Live in Your Bounty

Eva Marie

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery.  Today is a Gift that’s why it is called the Present.  THIS MOMENT IS MINE.

Dear Grandma, When I am very still and listen close with my heart I know just what you would say.  Thank you for being a guiding force in my life that keeps me moving forward.  When things are hard I think of you cheering me on. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me.  Thank you for always having a fresh view on things and helping me see things in a new light, a better light.  You are my hero.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Love, Coley

Sunday Dinner Boy

Just about every Sunday for the past year and a half my son and I have prepared and enjoyed a fine meal together.  Recently I have moved out-of-state so this is no longer the case.  I am trying to convince him to come visit for a weekend so we can cook together again.  Now Brock and I loooove butter.  He takes after Paula Dean.  Everything he makes has at least a pound of butter in it.  Pretty sure I have gained 10 pounds from his cooking alone.  No regrets.