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October 24th 2010

Here is a journal entry from almost two years ago to the day:

My Wish List!

  1. I wish I had lots of money
  2. I wish I could go on a shopping spree
  3. I wish I owned Whole Foods
  4. I wish I could spend my time traveling the world with my friends and family
  5. I wish I could go skydiving
  6. I wish I didn’t have to take Statistics anymore
  7. I wish I had already graduated from college
  8. I wish I were married to my best friend
  9. I wish I never had to work again
  10. I wish I owned homes all over the world
  11. I wish I could buy whatever I wanted
  12. I wish I could play all my dream roles
  13. I wish I had the power to make others’ dreams come true
  14. I wish I was a guest on the Oprah Show
  15. I wish Oprah and I were good friends
  16. Ellen too
  17. I wish I were part of Oprah’s favorite things
  18. I wish I were on the Ellen show too
  19. I wish I weighed 120 pounds
  20. I especially wish that _____ would live the gospel fully and forever