Parents Say the Darndest Things….

Dad: For a small town there is not a lot of junk.

Mom: If you want a sandwich I have some black beans.

Dad: Do you want the last slice of Bologna?
Me: Do what?????

Me: Dad, I don’t think Bologna is healthy for you.
Mom: Why? It is 98% fat free.

Staring at the fork in the river.
Me: I think it was Pocahontas who asked, “Should I choose the smoothest course, steady as a beating drum?”
Mom: She didn’t really say that. It was only in the movie.

Referring to dad cracking jokes all night.
Mom: Can you imagine how terrible it would be if I thought the same stupid things you did?
Dad: I wouldn’t be the only dumb Dick.
Mom: There would be two dumb Dicks.

Mom: Babette likes the wacky weed.

Mom: You need to use a breakfast bowl. We have breakfast bowls and breakfast plates and bright colored place mats. It’s what we use for breakfast.

One thought on “Parents Say the Darndest Things….

  1. Erika says:

    Hahahaha hahahaha oh man. Gotta love them. When I was home dad told me I should call Travis something manly like “stud muffin” or “the huntsman”

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