The Great Thought

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I love this video.  It is beautiful.  It is so important to know who you are.  When you know who you are there is a kind of security that stands still as stone amidst a world and a life that is thrown about to and fro.  The world teaches us that who we are is determined by what we do for a living, how much money we make, our bodies, our sexual orientation or who we know.  But who we are, who we truly are has nothing to do with any of those things.  We are sons and daughters of God.  Children of a loving Heavenly Father.  How quick we are to forget.  How quick we are to ignore that fundamental truth when it suits us.  Regardless of our choices or what hand life deals us WHO WE ARE will not be removed from us.  We are loved fiercely by a God who fights for us.  Lets fight for ourselves by learning who we are, what our purpose is and where we are going.  I testify that God lives.  We are His Children.  Jesus is the Christ.  We are meant to live with them again.  To learn more visit or just ask me:)

Love Nicole

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