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Down with Downton

Downton Abbey.  Best show on PBS ever!  EVER!  Season 2 begins soon.  Check it out!


Downton Abbey | Masterpiece | PBS.


Hello world!

Welcome.  I’m Nicole.   I am a nanny.  I live by the motto of if you see or touch something everyday it should be pretty.  I have a lot of pretty things.  Well as much as one young eternal college student can have. I have a strong belief in high heels, kale, leggings, lip stick and of course, Jesus Christ.  I am starting new in life, thus the new blog.

I tend to dress a little different.  I am known to sing songs aloud as I make them up.  I call it improv.  Others call it creepy.  I pray at the drop of a hat.  What can I say?  I am a believer.  Sometimes I swear.  Sometimes I shimmy.  Gay men make me do both.  I have an addiction to green smoothies, k-love and Lady Gaga.  I love to watch my shows and read self-help books in my free time.  Juno and The Painted Veil are two of my favorite movies. I try to always do the right thing, love all people and cheer for the underdog.  My hair is wild.  Wild like a lion.  I love me some butter.    A number of people have told me a Emma Stone reminds them of me. I knew I should have been an actress…

Oh.  And I’m a mormon.